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Age: 23
Height: 1,72m
Weight: 50kg
Hair: dunkelhaarig
Eyes: braun
BH: 75c
Languages: English, German, Spanin

Antonia is a Vienna Escort Girl with special features. Do you want me to dance for you?

I have a routine that would make you forget the rest of the girls. As a Vienna Vogue Escort and a strip specialist for single men and groups, I have very often demonstrated my skills. All who have experienced my performances have gone home more than enthusiastic. A few minutes after the music starts, I start to move according to the rhythm. Slowly, bit by bit I get rid of my clothes and you will not only get to see the exclusive underwear, but something more. I love to present and easily show my charms in this special performance. The erotic experience that normal girls would say NO to, I love most and is my passion. Working as a Vienna Vogue Escort, I have the opportunity to live my passion often. Let us enjoy these moments together either in a romantic escapade or perhaps with one of your friends.
Enjoy a complete private show even tonight!! Let me know what are you in to and let us plan a date. Call Girl Vienna